As part of the Fullbus Group of companies we are constantly engaged in trying to make it simpler for the small-medium sized busniess owner to advertise the company or product on the internet at a price that is affordable.

Essentially, our design team work tirelessly in New Orleans to ensure that our solutions are effective and affordable. When consulting with clients we will always speak to you in plain English, we leave the jargon to our competitors.

Our reputation has been built on our customer support, our meticulous approach to business relationships and our attention to every detail of your web solution.

We approach all new projects with the same simple objective that we have built the Fullbus name on, which is to design new or enhance your existing presence on the internet.

Privacy Policy :
Name and emails passed to us will never be sold or passed on the companies outside the Fullbus group.

As a new department of Fullbus, you can rest assured that we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

You've made the first step, by visiting our web site, so why not use our contact form by clicking Contact Us or telephone us on (01) 504-355-9580 or (01) 255-505-2159 and see how we can help your business.

Just had to let you know I picked up a booking today as a direct result of my 60 Second Advert.

Michael Wall - Wedding Toastmaster

"I absolutely love the advert, it's the bet £35.00 Iíve spent since starting my business..... Ďno itís notí.... its the best £35.00 Iíve ever spent. Thank you so much for the excellent service and such a quick result."

Michael Wall - Wedding Toastmaster

"I am extremely pleased with the Ads that 60 Secodn Adverts did for me. They are creative, informative and professional all rolled into a reasonable price. My friends and co-workers had nothing , but praises to say about these ads."

Bonnie Everett-Hawkes - Children's Book Author & Illustrator

"60 Second Adverts are a new way to advertise your trade/business to all your potential customers. This fast efficient service requires minimal input from the advertiser, due to the maximum efforts made in seeking to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by the very professional behind the scenes team at 60 Second Adverts.

The results???? just excellent, and a sure fire way to attract new customers."

Mike Culleton - The Merseyside Toastmaster