If, like most companies these days, you are on a tight budget, our design team will use a combination of your information and our pre-existing video clips/styles with images to create a unique video that will fit your business.

Once we have designed your 60 Second Advert, we will contact you by email with a link to a viewing area. From there you will be able to view your advert and then get back in touch with your approval or any amendments that you may wish to make.

When final approval is made, we will do the following :
  • Your finished advert in video format will be emailed to you for your use.

  • Shoud you require it, we will upload your advertisement to your account at Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or a video platform of your choice.

  • We will upload your advertisement to the Fullbus Channel on YouTube, our Facebook page and Vimeo account

  • If needed, we will supply a DVD with your advertisement in various formats that you may use wherever you wish. ( There is a small charge for this )